1997 Santa Fe Science-Writing Workshop

June 28th to July 3rd

photo by Bill Wilburn

The 1996 Santa Fe Science-Writing Workshop was a smash success, and we all had so much fun that we are doing it again in 1997. This year's cast will include Michael Lemonick, science writer for Time magazine, Paul Hoffman, editor-in-chief of Discover magazine, and Sandra Blakeslee and George Johnson from The New York Times. In addition Cory Dean, the new editor-in-chief of The New York Times's Science Times section, will be at the first two days of the conference speaking and meeting students. Other guests include Tom Johnson, an expert on electronic journalism, who will conduct a workshop on using the Internet for science reporting, and the authors John Casti and Pamela McCorduck.

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Last year, 44 people from all over the country came to the workshop. Some were scientists who wanted to break into science-writing, some were public information specialists at universities and government labs (Los Alamos, Argonne, Sandia) who wanted to cross over into journalism, and some were established science writers who wanted to hone their skills and meet more of their colleagues. Several students have asked for a good excuse to come back again this year, so we plan to vary the schedule with as little overlap as possible. People who are particularly interested in magazine writing will have the opportunity to work with Mike Lemonick from Time and Paul Hoffman from Discover. Those who want to work on books and book proposals can sign up for an intensive workshop with George Johnson (limited to five students and with a required reading list).

We will also have two tracks this year -- one for beginners and one for veteran science writers. Experienced writers will be asked to submit articles or manuscripts for a critique by the instructors. Those who haven't yet been published will attend a press conference at the Santa Fe Institute, then work with the instructors on writing a story. (Unlike last year, we'll give out the topics in advance, so people can do background research before arriving in Santa Fe.)

The workshop is organized by George Johnson and Sandra Blakeslee with the help of the Southwest Literary Center, a division of Recursos de Santa Fe, a nonprofit organization that runs writing conferences. Registration is $750, which includes five nights at Plaza Resolana (double occupancy) and breakfasts and lunches. For a private room (a limited number are available) the total cost is $975. Those who don't need lodging at Plaza Resolana will pay $550, which includes lunches but not breakfasts. In addition, there is a $35 application fee (refunded if you are not accepted). On two nights we will all have a barbecue or picnic dinner (this is included in everyone's registration cost). On the other nights, we'll hit the restaurants and bars around the downtown Plaza and fend for ourselves.

How to register.

The Santa Fe Convention and Visitor's Bureau publishes a list of bed and breakfasts. Many are within a few minutes' walk of Plaza Resolana and the downtown Plaza.

The schedule is now complete (subject to some minor tinkering). You can also see what we did in 1996 and read comments from people who attended last year. To get on the mailing list contact George Johnson.

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